Debby is available to speak on any of the following topics. Contact her at debby@lifejourneys.org if you would like to schedule her to speak at your event.

Debby is speaking at the following upcoming event:

  • Healing Heart Conference at the Heartland Conference and Retreat Center in Marengo, OH, on August 15- August 18.

Who Are You Becoming? The decisions you make now determine who you will become, both today and in your future.

Surviving Sexual Abuse One in four girls and one in six boys is abused before the age of 18. Learn what you can do to minister to wounded survivors.

Living Inside the Dash Ensure that the legacy you leave will inspire others.

The Journey Through the Valley of DivorceHope for those in the midst of divorce and practical ways to encourage a friend or family member going through it.

Power of Encouraging Others Make a difference in someone’s life with your uplifting words and deeds.

Importance of Forgiveness Find freedom and restoration when you learn to forgive.

Journey Of A Wounded Traveler On the road of life, we all experience pain. You can choose to let it throw you off course or you can learn from the lessons it can teach. Find hope for your journey in Jesus Christ.

Practicing the Discipline of Solitude Learn to quiet your heart so you can hear what God wants to say to you.

The Power of our Words How you speak to others can make or break a relationship.

The Masks We Wear Find your true identity in Christ.

The Influence Of Grandparenting The investment you make in your grandchildren’s lives will stay with them forever.

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